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I sat down with the beautiful Kate Murphy (#glutegoals) — creator of The Health Revolt and expert coach of Foundation Training — to discuss everything from nighttime routines (which have saved me), getting your body back post-baby, what she eats in a day, and much more. Kate shares her love of celery juice, her affinity for clean eating, and her overall wellness. Read on for this inspiring interview. I have learned so much from Kate, and I hope you do too!

Kate is that kind of woman that is as endearing as she is stunning, which is why I want everyone to have a chance to get to know her as well as I have. I started working and working out with Kate during my pregnancy. I suffered from painful sciatica in my lower back to the point that I literally felt paralyzed. I quickly contacted Kate, and literally within a few days of incorporating Foundation Training into my daily routine, I felt like a new person. I continued to work with Kate once a week through my entire pregnancy, after the baby was born, and continue to 12-months post-partum.

Kate’s post-baby approach was extremely helpful, especially for someone like me. I’m a go, go, go, and more is better type of person. Kate encouraged me to take it slow and ease back in. She strongly believes that getting your body back should not be a race and treating it that way will absolutely backfire. She explained to me that exercise is a stress, and so is having a new baby, not getting enough sleep, breastfeeding, adapting to the new lifestyle, etc. Our bodies can only tolerate so much.

During our sessions, she focused mostly on my alignment, hips, and core. She also worked to address any muscular imbalances, so we would have a good “foundation” to build upon. She explained to me that most women focus on their front sides or their belly’s post-baby, but when it comes to restoring the core muscles it has everything to do with proper hip alignment and the posterior chain. Kate says, “once the hips are balanced, the rest will come”. And the very best advice she gave me was, “be gentle with yourself, you just had a baby!”

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Kate Murphy is a certified Foundation Training instructor, kinesiologist, bio mechanics and wellness guru, and the founder of Health Revolt.

She has worked twelve years as a personal trainer. For seven of those years she wrestled with chronic pain, failing to find relief on the symptom-chasing treadmill of conventional health care.

During her journey to find relief she spent thousands of hours researching and consulting with leading fitness, nutrition, and wellness experts. She truly believes that we don’t have to settle for a life of adjusting to our symptoms and rearranging our lives around problems we’re told have no solutions.

The answers and freedom Kate found drastically changed her life and now it’s her passion and purpose to help other’s change theirs.

Photos by Nicole Wild Imagery

From start to finish what would be your ideal food day?

Every day is different. I am a huge fan of eating a variety of foods. Variety is key for so many reasons. Here’s what a typical ideal food day would look like.
I like to start most mornings with a glass of fresh, organic celery juice on an empty stomach. Celery juice offers so many incredible health benefits. But what initially sparked my obsession was its ability to increase stomach acid. This is critical if you want to have a healthy gut/digestive system. About an hour later, I whip up a protein shake, which is packed with nutrient-dense ingredients and ever-changing. Here’s what’s currently in it: coconut milk, plant-based chocolate protein, ORAC green powder, moringa powder, spirulina, chlorella, a prebiotic fiber, chaga and cordyceps powder, MCT oil, and a pinch of sea salt. For lunch, I’d have 3-4 servings of vegetables with some healthy fats (avocado, avocado oil, coconut oil, nuts, etc.), some plant-based protein (quinoa, beans, hemp seeds, etc.) and a serving of resistant starches (plantains are my current fav). I keep snacking to a minimal. Allowing your body to have a “break” in-between meals is very beneficial. For dinner, I’d have a serving of organic grass-fed beef, a few servings of veggies, and a serving or two of slow carbs (sweet potato, beans, brown rice, quinoa, squash, etc.). I try not to eat after dinner, so I fully maximize the benefits of my daily 12-15 hour fast. But, when I do snack–it’s usually some fruit, a few goji berries, or a small dessert smoothie (don’t get me started on my vanilla + banana milkshakes. Oh boy!).

What’s your idea of the perfect smoothie?

Smoothies are game changers! There is no better way to pack that many nutrients into one meal. It’s quick. It’s easy. And it’s so nutritious. My favorite smoothie concoction is also ever changing and looks quite different depending on the time of day. I try to eat most of my carbs later in the day (improves sleep, fat burning, etc.). Here’s what my perfect afternoon smoothie looks like: coconut or flax milk, hemp protein powder (loaded with fiber), a huge handful of greens (kale, spinach, etc.), some organic frozen berries, soaked chia seeds (soaked is key), a prebiotic powder, a scoop of maqui and camu powder (powerful antioxidants), beet powder (amazing for hormone balance), a scoop of green powder and a pinch of sea salt.
I don’t measure when I make smoothies. Nor do I make smoothies based on how great they taste. I have more of a “eat to live” mentality. Honestly, I’m looking to pack the sucker with as many health-boosting nutrients as I can. The more the merrier.
So, if you’re looking for a super tasty smoothie…I’ve got just the fix. And it’s pretty darn healthy too. Here ya go!

Add 2-3 cups of coconut milk, 1-2 scoops of vital proteins collagen fuel, 1 frozen banana, 3 large ice cubes, teaspoon vanilla, and a dash or two of cinnamon or all spice. Blend and enjoy.

Do you like juices?

Like juice? I LOVE juice! But juice, is tricky—not all juice is created equally. Green juice is my favorite because it’s the most nutrient dense and has very little sugar. General rule of thumb—make sure that the juice you drink has less than 10 grams of sugar/serving. Yes, fruit juice is “natural sugar” BUT because juicing removes the fiber, this greatly alters the way it’s metabolized. Fruit juice causes a major blood sugar spike, which increases stress on the body, leads to poor health and weight gain. No thanks! Just remember this. Blend your fruits and juice your greens.
What are your morning and nightly beauty regimes? This could be wellness-focused (magnesium, tea, detox bath, ect.?
I roll out of bed around 6-6: 30 AM (after at least 8 hours of deep sleep, I hope!), brush my teeth, rinse my face with cold water and apply my absolute FAVORITE personal care item on the planet—True Botanicals Radiance Oil. The best. Next, I do some dry brushing, which is great for daily detox, lymphatic draining, exfoliating the skin, etc. Then, it’s either celery juice or lemon water (depending on the day). Both improve liver detox and gut health, which is key for a healthy, radiant and glowing skin.
I’m all about optimizing sleep. My nighttime routine starts around 7:30-8.This is when you’ll find me (and my hubby) totally geeking out with our blue-light blocking gasses on. Blue light disrupts melatonin secretion. I know–I’m a total nerd, but optimizing sleep is one of the best ways to improve overall health. Did you know that just one night of poor sleep can make you as insulin resistant as a type-2 diabetic. This translates directly to aging faster and storing more body fat than you want to. I’ll pass.
About one hour before bed I get off my phone, TV or tablet, turn the thermostat down to 60 degrees and crack the bedroom window. Ever notice how much better you sleep when you’re cooler? You’re not crazy. A drop in body temperature raises melatonin, the queen of deep sleep. Next, I will have a few sips of aloe vera juice (great for digestion) and a glass of magnesium (Calm) which reduces stress and preps the body for deep sleep. Then I brush my teeth, wash my face and apply my True Botanicals repair serum. I’m in bed, asleep by 10. Between 10 pm and 2 am is when the body repairs itself. Optimizing these hours of sleep is something I prioritize😊.

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

Two words (well, maybe four). Gut health and stress management. Nothing ages us faster than stress or inflammation. For optimal gut health, I focus on removing inflammatory foods and loading up on gut healing foods. Gluten, dairy, corn, processed oils, nd sugar are the most inflammatory things we eat- so those are out for me. I consume loads of bone broth, gelatin, collagen, aloe vera, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar, all of which repair the gut.
Managing stress and maintain healthy cortisol (stress hormone) levels keeps us young, happy and beautiful. Mediating is another way I manage my stress. There are so many different ways to meditate. I prefer the health benefits of transcendental meditation, which I recently took a course on from my friends at Ziva meditation. Life changing!

What are some of your healthy routines?

Oh boy! I have a lot of them. Here’s a few.
I love fasting. Fasting has incredible health benefits and is one of the fastest ways to decrease inflammation in the body.
Morning sunlight exposure. Few things are better for optimizing deep sleep.
Water, water, water. My goal is to drink 8-12 oz of water every 2 hours for optimal hydration.

Advice to women looking to kick off a healthy eating regimen?

Focus on what you SHOULD eat, not on what you shouldn’t be eating. Don’t dwell on all the foods that you “can’t have”. Remember, you can have any food that you wish, whenever you wish. But, think about the foods that make you feel good about yourself, like you’re taking care of your body and showing it some self-respect. Some self-love. Focus on those foods. What are those foods? They’re the foods that nourish your body. Try to consume at least 7-10 servings of vegetables every day. This will transform your health. Avoid foods that don’t nourish your body- you know what I’m talking about 😊. Hint—dairy, gluten, sugar, processed foods, too much alcohol, etc.

What are the best workouts to get in shape fast?

Full body strength. This is the fastest way to increase human growth hormone (HGH), which is the ticket to fat loss and anti-aging.
HIIT or BURST training. Both HIIT and BURST help to balance ghrelin and leptin. These two hormones are responsible for weight gain and unhealthy eating habits.

What are your go-to healthy snacks for energy?

Mmmm, I’m not a huge fan of snacking for several reasons, but when I do here’s what I’d have.

· Apple and raw pumpkin seed better
· Handful of organic berries and a few walnuts or almonds
· A Primal Kitchen collagen bar
· Missions Mountain meat stick
· Kombucha
· Veggies (carrots, broccoli, celery or cucumber) with hummus
· Gelatin fruit snacks (whole made)
· Plantain chips and guacamole

Best and worst drink you consume to look and feel your best?

Bone broth = best drink
Orange juice = worst drink ever

What are your splurges?

Hail Merry’s chocolate almond tarte + Nada Moo vanilla ice-cream or Lily’s chocolate.

What’s always in your fridge?

Fermented foods. If you haven’t already picked up on my vibe, I am all about optimizing gut health. Fermented foods are packed with good bacteria which improve gut health and boost the immune system. Adding lots of fermented foods to your diet is critical for promoting balance within the microbiome. I try to eat a few bites of fermented food with each meal. Bubbies pickles and sauerkraut are my absolute favs.

How do you start your day?

Every day is different, but I start most days with 20 minutes of meditation. This gets me ready for a busy day and teaches me how to be more present–something I have to work very hard at. All we ever have is this moment. Right now. So, it would behoove us to learn how to enjoy it 😊 It’s definitely a work in progress.

What would you make at a dinner party for friends?

A big green salad and/or my Paleo chocolate chip cookies. Balance. Right?!

What is the best advice you received about health & wellness?

Figure out what “drains your bucket” (AKA stresses you out) and do something about it.
Stress comes in many forms and looks different for everyone. Stress could be stemming from a poor diet, exercising to much, worrying about money, breathing too shallow, eating too much sugar, not getting enough deep sleep, worrying too much, breathing toxic chemicals, eating high glycemic foods, drinking city water, not drinking enough water, using chemical laden personal care items, drinking too much alcohol, etc. Or maybe (if you’re like me) you’re stressing about how bad stress is for you. Ugh! Been there, done that.
Identify your stressors and do something about them ASAP. Nothing is more detrimental to our health than stress. NOTHING! Stress ages us and kills us faster than anything. Am I stressing you out? Sorry!

What would your last meal be and who would it be with?

Thai food with my husband and family.

What do you think are the most important tests you can take to improve your overall health?
GI test. I like the GI Map for gut testing. Health has everything to do with the gut. It’s so important to know what your gut looks like, and then you can take an individual approach to improving it. Don’t guess. Test.
Hormone test (especially females). I love the Dutch test for hormones. If your hormones are not happy, you won’t be happy either. Hormone health has a huge impact on us and there’s so much we can do about our hormones. We just need to know what to do. Again, don’t guess. Test.

Name 5 personal care items you can’t live without.

Primally Pure deodorant
True Botanicals resurfacing mask
Rahua voluminous dry shampoo
May Lindstrom “the problem solver” mask
Lily Lolo lip gloss

What upsets you most about our standard American diet?

If you follow the standard America diet or “sad” diet, chances are you’ll be fat, sick and nearly dead. Have you seen the documentary? Watch it. Our food lacks nutrition and our society demands convenience. The result? A very sick population. A cancer epidemic. Everyone says, F*** cancer. I say, F*** our disease-causing diet and lifestyle! 90% of cancer is caused by poor lifestyle choices. Come on! We can do better.

What do you think about Whole 30?

I’m a huge fan.

What do you think about the Paleo diet? Vegan diet?

I’ve experimented a lot with both. For several years I settled on the paleo diet. More recently, I’ve added grains (quinoa), beans, and more plant based-proteins. I’ve also cut back on meat and animal proteins. And I have to say, I feel better.
Bottom line—everyone is different. One man’s medicine is another man’s poison. Genetics.


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