Summer of the One Piece

I am calling this ‘the summer of the one piece.’ Since having my little bebè just two months ago, there is a still a lot of work that needs to be done in terms of getting back in shape. I really have taken my time getting back into the gym. The crazy experience of pregnancy and all that your body does to deliver that baby is truly incredible. Jumping right back into hard workouts was the last thing that my body needed. Plus, as any first-time mama knows, your world is completely rocked once you bring that precious baby home. My priorities have definitely changed, but they have changed in a really good way. I am now taking time to enjoy the little moments in life, getting in as many baby cuddles as possible, and loving every minute of it!

So in the meantime, I have scoured the internet for a few of my favorite one pieces to add to your summer wardrobe before it’s all over…

You can still find this cut out Solid & Striped swimsuit in the above photo HERE

I also have my eye on this one HERE