The One Place To Visit In Your Lifetime

3 day + 2 nights in Capri

When: June 2016

Where: Capri, Italy

Stayed: Tiberio Palace

Hashtag: #ladyhitaly

Our trip to Capri confirmed that Italy is my favorite country in the world that I have visited thus far.  It is easy to fall in love with Capri.  The views are spectacular, the people are so friendly, and the overall culture is magical.

This was my second time visiting Capri.  Nick and I went here on our honeymoon in 2015.  We had to bring my family back here, as it is difficult to express in words the true beauty of Capri.  This island is the hot spot for Italian summer travelers.  The quaint cobblestone streets are lined with designer shops, gelaterias, and restaurants.  The town is literally built on huge rocks jutting out of the ocean.  The views are unreal, especially at sunset.  If you are looking for romance, this is the place.



After spending our first night in Rome,  we hopped on a train to Naples, and then took a ferry to our first stop on our Amalfi Coast excursion…the whimsical island of Capri.

Day 1

After taking the 30-minute ferry ride from Naples to Capri, our hotel concierge met us at the dock.  They took our luggage and escorted us to one of Capri’s signature open-air cabs.  Our first stop was at Il Riccio restaurant for an over the top lunch experience.  Located on the cliffside beach club, this Michelin-starred restaurant serves freshly caught seafood, and by fresh, I mean literally caught that morning in the beautiful sea that you can’t take your eyes off of.  The views, the food, and the ceramic dishware are all perfect.

We stayed at Capri Tiberio Palace, a contemporary boutique hotel nestled in bustling streets of Capri.  We absolutely loved this place!  The décor and details felt like a gallery in a modern art museum.  The rooms were plush with beautiful views, and the service was 5-star.  Each morning they serve a delicious breakfast spread on their outdoor balcony that is right next to their pool and overlooks the town.  Tip: upon making your reservation, ask for a room facing the ocean.


Deciding on a hotel venue has been a struggle for me both times in Capri.  We usually look for a hotel that overlooks the sea.  However, there are only a few hotels in Capri that are cliffside, most of which require a longer minimum stay.  The first time visiting Capri, we stayed at the Capri Palace, located in Anacapri (at the top of the island).  The hotel was also beautiful, and it has a more tranquil, spa-like feel.  We personally like to be within walking distance of the town, therefore Capri Tiberio Palace was more to our liking.  I highly recommend this place…everywhere you look in the hotel is so instagrammable!!!  At the end of this post, I will make a list of other good hotels on the water to check out.

After checking in, we enjoyed drinks in the hotel bar.  The drink selection was great, and they provided enough bar snacks to stay true to the Italian tradition of excessive amounts of antipasti.  Live piano music nightly, fresh cocktails, and a great Champagne selection…let’s just say we stayed there way too long each night.

Dinner the first night was at Aurora, which comes highly recommended.  You name the celebrity, and they have been there.  The walls of the restaurant are lined with photos of famous actors and musicians who regularly dine at Aurora.  The food is classic Italian.  Go for the pizza, you will not be disappointed.  Also, make your reservation for a street table outside the restaurant.  It doesn’t get more Italian than eating pizza and drinking wine on a cobblestone street in Capri.  Plus, the people watching is oh so good!


We finished this great day with a glass of bubbly at Quisisana Hotel, another good spot for drinks and live piano music while in Capri.

Day 2

So, this is possibly my favorite day of the entire trip…BOAT DAY!  After enjoying the complimentary breakfast at our hotel and maybe a few mimosas, we set sail for a day on the water.  If you only do one thing in Capri, hire a PRIVATE boat for the day to take you around the island.  I reserved ours through our concierge, but you can book directly HERE.  I might be a little bias, but this company, especially Mariano, is the best (make sure to request Mariano).  Spend a few hours touring around the island by boat and seeing all of the spectacular sights.  You can stop at the famous Blue Grotto, or one of the many other grottos, and go for a refreshing dip in the Mediterranean.  In my honest opinion, I would not recommend fighting the crowds most days to see the Blue Grotto.  The wait can be lengthy due to the size of the opening of the grotto.   Like I said, this is my favorite day, and I love nothing more than sipping champagne and sunbathing while touring around this magical island.

La Fontelina!!!

Ok, this is the second MUST do in Capri.  Please, please, please have lunch at La Fontelina.  This is a famous beach club, and home to one of THE BEST lunch restaurants on Capri.  From fresh fish, to fresh pasta, to endless Pinot Grigio….need I say more?  This place is fabulous!

After a long and surely amazing lunch, make sure to reserve a few beach chairs and spend the rest of your afternoon relaxing in the Italian sun.  Ok…can I go back right now?!

That evening, we enjoyed the sunset at Faro beach, which came highly recommended by our boat driver, aka, our new friend Mariano.  This is a local hangout and the best place to watch a stunning sunset.  Definitely order an Aperol Spritz,  and you will fit in just fine with the locals.

Dinner that night was at the famous De Paolino, a lemon orchard that was converted into a restaurant. Dine under the lemon groves, feast on lemon ravioli, and enjoy a limoncello spritz…this is a must!

Day 3

Before heading to our next Amalfi Coast location, we enjoyed a leisurely morning in Capri. We hiked to the very top of the island and took in the spectacular views. Absolutely breathtaking!

Until next time Capri!


10 Things I Learned in Capri

  1. There are two sides of the island. The main town is Capri. This is the busier area of the island with restaurants and bars. At the top of the island is Anacapri. This area is more quaint, but still has restaurants, shops, and amazing views.
  2. The shopping is amazing. Granted, you will find Valentino, Versace and all of the high-end designers. However, mixed into these cobblestone streets are great ma and pa boutiques. We found stylish cashmere capes, white linen pants, and beautifully made Italian espadrilles. Oh, one more shopping recommendation, invest in a pair of Italian sunnies.   You will immediately feel more posh.
  3. When in Capri, drink an Aperol Spritz or two. They serve it like water.
  4. Locals pronounce Capri as….CAHHH-PREEE.
  5. For transportation, use the open-air cabs. They are a blast. They do have a bus system option as well.
  6. Hike to the top of the mountain. It takes about an hour. There are stairs going from the town of Capri to Anacapri.
  7. Spend one morning sipping a cafe at the Snack Bar, a beautiful café overlooking the ocean.
  8. Reservations are required everywhere in the summer on Capri. Make late dinner reservations around 9pm, everyone eats late in Italy.
  9. Do not let your husband pretend to be Italian and smoke cigarettes in an open air taxi. It may result in a hole in your dress…
  10. Book a private boat tour, the only way to go. You can then pick you schedule…and don’t forget to bring Champagne on the boat!

Restaurants I love in Capri

  • II Geranio: Order the beef tartare. Best I have ever had.
  • Aurora: Famous spot for pizza.
  • II Riccio: Lunch with a view.
  • Fontelina: Lunch and lounging.
  • Capri Palace Terrace: Lunch- Nicoise salad.
  • De Paolino: Lemon grove restaurant.
  • Buoncocore: Best gelato.

Other Great Hotels

  • Scalinatella
  • JK Palace
  • Cesar Augustas
  • Capri Palace
  • Quisisana Hotel
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