MOTHERHOOD IS MY MUSE: Must have maternity wear

Before getting pregnant, I swore I would not buy any maternity clothing. I didn’t want to clutter my closet with items I would only wear for a few months. I figured I would just buy a size up and wear flowy tops that I currently own.

However, I realized that I was way wrong as I went through my closet full of high waisted jeans, body suits, and crop tops.  What was I to do? After insta-stalking a few pregnant moms, I found the most amazing maternity company…BLANQI!

They created a high waist legging that fits the belly perfectly. The minute I pulled the leggings on over my bump, I was hooked. I have pretty much lived in these leggings my entire pregnancy. I have paired them with a comfy sweater, pretty blouse, a tight tank and leather jacket, and even started wearing them to the gym…they are so versatile!  Plus, they do not show your ‘you know what’ when you bend over. #winning

The other key item I bought is the maternity supportive tank. I actually just started working out in it, and it helps support all the extra weight of the babe. And, it’s so comfortable that I literally wear it under everything!

Like I said, if you only buy one maternity item for your pregnancy, these leggings and tank are a game changer…you will thank me later!

One more bonus, I will definitely be wearing these leggings post-partum. They naturally suck in your midsection, which we all know I will need for those few weeks after delivering this little bebè…oh the joys of pregnancy.

The photos above (25 week), the photos below (34 weeks)