Why I Love Spray Tans: Tips and Tricks to a great spray tan

The topic for today is SPRAY TANNING. It’s something I have had a real love/hate relationship with.  My love is for that instant island glow that comes with a spray tan.  However, the whole process can be a little uncomfortable, cold, and kinda awkward.  Don’t get me wrong, the good definitely outweighs the bad, so it’s just a matter of finding the place to get your glow on!

As a busy mom on the go, a spray tan can be invigorating.  We all know the mantra “Look good, feel good.”  Well, who doesn’t look better with a sunkissed tan?!  Also, I am very cautious of too much sun exposure, as I have already started to see the onset of those lovely wrinkles from too many rays in my younger days.  Can you believe we used to use baby oil and sit in the sun until crisp?!  Or, do you remember that sun-in crap that we used to use to make our hair lighter?!   Well anyway, the sun damage is starting to catch up with me, and a great spray tan is a perfect solution to keep my tan all year without all of the negative effects. I have been getting regular spray tans since I was 21, so I thought I would break down a few tips and tricks.

I have gotten spray tans seriously all over country, and the best spray tan I’ve had is right here in Bozeman, MT. Elizabeth at Blush is a master. I’ve had a million spray tans with her, and never have I left looking like Snookie circa 2000. I definitely prefer an airbrush tan from a live person vs. a machine spray tan. You can book with Elizabeth HERE.


1. Exfoliate

I always dry brush before my spray tan, then shower. Dry brushing is the best way to exfoliate the skin before your spray tan. It’s also very good for detoxing the skin. You can check out my blog post about dry brushing HERE.

1. Be specific

It’s important to be very specific with your spray tan tech. Let them know if you want a darker tan, a sun-kissed or a bronze look. We usually only go over my entire body once to achieve the sun-kissed results. Also, there are a lot of different types of bronzer and shimmers out there, so make sure you talk about this before you spray.

3. Go Naked

This can be awkward, but trust me these spray tan gals have seen it all. Your overall tan will look so much better if you go naked. I prefer to get my face spray tanned as well, but most of the time I am running from meeting to meeting, so I just have her spray my body and not my face. Definitely a personal preference, but I suggest getting your face spray tanned. You seriously don’t have to wear makeup for days, the glow is there.

A few other tricks:

  • Do not wear any jewlery
  • Have your tech spray your hands in a ‘claw hand.’
  • Stick your bum in the air to avoid getting that spray tan crease that you will see in a bathing suit
  • Wipe down bottoms of feet, between toes, and between your fingers after
4. Wear lose clothes after

Wear loose clothes after your tan. The first 8 hours is crucial to ensure you don’t have any weird marks on your skin.

5. Wait at least 8 hours

Do not shower for a least 8 hours. I usually go longer and sleep in my new spray tan, then wash it off in the morning. Unfortunately, this requires wearing full pajamas to bed after a spray tan. The tan will most likely rub off on your sheets, but don’t worry, it washes out of your clothes and sheets. I like to lay a clean sheet over my regular sheets, it makes it easy to wash out in the morning. Also, do not workout until your spray tan has set for at least 8 hours.

6. Aftercare

Your aftercare is important. Keeping the skin hydrated will help your tan last longer. I have found that regular lotion will help keep the tan longer versus using body oils. And of course, do not dry brush until your tan has worn off.

And violà…you look like you’ve spent the afternoon in St. Barths laying in the Carribean sunshine!