Italian Glamour: Positano, Italy

This past May, my family and I went to the Amalfi Coast. We started in Capri (read more HERE), worked our way to Amalfi Town, and then onto the magical town of Positano. Nick and I had been here on our honeymoon the previous year, and we knew we had to share this beautiful place with my parents and sister. Similar to Capri, Positano is one of those places that you must see in your lifetime. The town is seriously like something out of a fairytale. It is literally built on the side of a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean. It is by far the most romantic place I have been. John Steinbeck said it best…‘Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone’.

Where: Positano, Italy

Time of Year: May 2016

Duration: 2 days

Stayed: Le Sirenuse


If Positano is your first or only destination I would either 1) hire a driver from Rome to Positano, it is only 1.5 hours. 2) Fly into Naples, hire a driver from Naples to Positano. Both times we went from Rome >> Capri >> Amalfi >> Positano, making Positano our last stop since it is an easy drive back to Rome from Positano.

TIP: I always book my private transportation through our concierge at the hotel. They will ensure everything is in order. Note to self. DO NOT RENT A CAR…driving around the Amalfi Coast is insane and dangerous!


Both times we stayed at the same hotel. Since I am in the hotel industry, I have a huge appreciation for charming boutique hotels. Plus, this hotel is a family run operation, which really hits home for me.

Le Sirenuse is pure glamor…Italian glamor at it’s finest. This is my favorite hotel I have ever stayed at! It has been a staple in Positano since 1951. The views are incredible, overlooking the bay of Positano. This 58-room resort is considered one of Italy’s leading seaside luxury hotels, though is still retains the intimate, cultured atmosphere of a private home.

Most of the rooms overlook the bay. Make sure to ask for an ocean side room with a terrace. It is worth the upgrade. The rooms are also adorned with Italian tile, contemporary furniture, and the bathrooms are all white marble…I could definitely live here!

Le Sirenuse is home to a few of the best places to eat/drink in Positano. I will go into more description below. Plus, they have a beautiful ocean view pool, and the hotel is well located in the main area of Positano.

I do extensive research on hotels when we travel. Here are a few others I checked out that would be great options while in Positano:

  • Villa Tre Villa $$$ (on my bucket list)
  • II San Pietro di Positano $$$
  • Hotel Poseidon $$
  • Hotel Pupetto $
  • La Rosa dei Venti $
  • Casa Angelina $ (located in Praiano, right outside Positano


Besides the gorgeous views of the Italian coast, the next best thing is the food. Italians just know how to do it right. I pretty much plan our days around great lunch restaurants, fun drink spots, and amazing dinner places.

Breakfast is not a big deal in Italy. Just enjoy a great cup of Italian espresso and save yourself for an amazing lunch. Here are the places I LOVED!

Da Adolfo – Best lunch experience. This rustic but charming restaurant is located on a private beach and only accessible by boat. They will pick you up on the main dock in Positano. It’s definitely an adventure ride to lunch. Reservations are a must. Order a bottle of wine vs. glass pours (their glass pour menu is not great). Ask for nice glassware for your wine. Their menu is literally on a chalkboard, and it changes hourly as they bring in fresh fish. Can it get much better than that?!

Chez Black – Great for lunch or dinner. Located on the main beach in Positano. Be sure to ask for an outside table (great people watching). This is one of Positano’s first and oldest restaurants. It’s one of those iconic places.

Le Sirenuse: Pool & Restaurant Bar – Excellent lunch spot, great views, and amazing menu. Also, the service and wine list are superb.

Le Sirenuse: Champagne & Oyster Bar – My two favorite things in one place! It is the ideal place for a glass of Champagne or cocktail made to perfection, some oysters, shellfish, and fish carpaccio. Reservations are a must!

Le Sirenuse: Francos – An al fresco bar overlooking the Mediterranean at sunset…dreamy!!

Villa Tre Villa: Maestro’s – The main restaurant in this gorgeous hotel is located on a larger terrace, with panoramic views of Positano and a beautiful menu…perfect for a romantic dinner.

Il San Pietro di Positano: Zass – We have dined here twice now, it is that good! The Michelin-starred restaurant is not pretentious at all. The views are again are amazing, the atmosphere is romantic, and the amuse-bouche is pizza! This is definitely a great place for a special occasion.

La Tagliata – We did not dine here, but I have heard great reviews. It is located up on Montepertuso, a hole in the mountain town. The restaurant is family style dining, great views, and a fun ambiance.



Photos above...Oyster & Champagne Bar // Francos Bar

Photos above...Le Sirenuse Pool & Restaurant Bar

Photos above... Da Adolfo. May have had a three hours lunch and possibly 3 bottles of vino.

Photos above...Villa Tre Villa


  1. Enjoy the beaches: Marina Grande (main beach), Da Adolfo, Bagni D’ Arenzio
  2. Rent a boat. They have vendors on the beach where you can rent motorboats for 35 Euro.
  3. Stroll the streets of Positano. They are lined with great little shops.
  4. Explore the town on the opposite side of all the shops.
  5. Take a day trip to Ravello or Capri.
  6. In the mornings there is a thick marine layer that clouds the sky. Around 11am it lifts and all is perfect.
  7. Italians like slow mornings. The town does not wake up until 12pm. Take advantage of restful mornings.
  8. Positano is extremely busy in the summer, so plan accordingly with hotel and restaurant reservations well in advance. Dinners are always late in Italy…9pm or later.
  9. Do not miss a sunset.
  10. There are rules against renovating and building new construction in Positano. This keeps the town so charming with the colorful buildings built right on the cliffs.

Ciao Postiano…until next time.


Lady H