Home Sweet Hotel // Ep. 1

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to FINALLY share the Home Sweet Hotel series with you. I know it has taken over a year to produce, however, the hotel will be opening this June and we wanted to take you all along for the ride. There will be 4-5 episodes, and here is the first one!

A little background info first. Our family purchased our first boutique hotel in 2010, the Sacajawea Hotel. This beautiful property was built in 1910 and has been the gem of the Three Forks community for years.  In 2009, this historic hotel was going to be turned into a rest home training facility. The place was really rundown and the business side of things was in really rough shape. Growing up in Three Forks, a small rural community in Montana, we knew the Sacajawea Hotel must be up and running successfully to help bring economic growth to our quaint town. After 9 months of top to bottom renovation, the hotel came back to life with 29 luxury rooms, a fine dining restaurant, and a lively pub. The project was definitely a labor of love, as the business struggled for the first few years. However, with a lot of persistence and hard work, the place is now a huge success, not only employing 60 people in the Gallatin Valley, but also creating new memories for people all over the world that visit Three Forks, Montana.

Since opening the Sacajawea Hotel in 2010, we have been on a search for our next project. We opened a few flag hotels (i.e. Super 8, Travelodge, ect.), but my true love is with hotels that have character. When we travel, we always look for a unique experience for lodging. I think it really brings out the personality of the places we visit. And, I also believe many others are looking for the same experience while traveling. That brings me to our next project, the RSVP Motel…opening in June!

Located in Bozeman, MT, the RSVP Motel was built in the 50’s. We love the idea of bringing back to life the old motor inn style hotel…my mind goes right to a family station wagon full of kids pulling up to a motor inn. We also have a love for mid-century modern architecture. This old hotel has all the feels. The first time we checked it out, I immediately thought of Palm Springs, and my favorite hotel there, The Parker! Granted this hotel needs a lot of love before we hit that mark, but the potential is there.

We are now 2 years into this project and set to open at the end of June.  I get all the good feels when a project finally comes to fruition. The amount of time and the amount of people involved to create the vision is amazing if you really step back and look at the process. We have been very lucky to live in the amazing community of Bozeman, where we have crazy talented architects, builders, engineers, interior designers, landscapers…I could go on forever. We are grateful for the opportunity to make our mark in Bozeman, MT, and hopefully help make our community better.

I hope you all enjoy!


Lady H

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