If you follow my insta stories, you know that I love a good blowout. I get one about every 7-10 days. I know that sounds gross, however, a good blowout can last this long and still look good.  Also, I should mention that I typically wear my hair up the last few days.

No matter where I am in the world, I will always find a place to get my hair washed & styled. I have extremely thick hair, and I’m also currently wearing extensions. This combo makes washing and drying my own hair daunting and quite time-consuming. Plus, I totally suck at blowing out my own hair.  It looks so much better from a professional.

The other reason that I love getting blowouts weekly is the time that I save. I bring my computer with me, and I am able to multi-task while my hair gets done. For me, it is a win-win, and totally worth it. Being a new mom, learning new tricks to streamline my life has been a must!

If you do go to a blow dry bar or hair salon, be sure to micromanage the situation.  I like the tousled wave look. I ask the stylist to rough dry my hair and double wash it (helps the blowout to last longer). For the style, I ask for effortless tousled waves with 2 inches left out at the bottom and 2 inches smooth at the top. I know that makes me sound like a total pain, but hey, I know what I like.

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