Dress the Bump: Two Must Have Maternity Dresses

Oh the waiting game…

We are almost 40 weeks into my pregnancy, and the waiting game has begun. The unknown of when this babe will join us is taking its toll on me. I am a type A planner extraordinaire, and not being able to plan out every day with the anticipation for the arrival of our first born is killing me.

I suppose this part of pregnancy prepares you best for motherhood by testing your patience…which I have very little of to start with.  At the same time, I am trying to turn the waiting into a positive experience, indulging in more quiet time with my husband before our world changes.

While I wait I am doing my best to prepare my body and mind for childbirth. There is probably no real way to completely prepare myself for the delivery room, but I want to go in there thinking I have done all I can to make the experience more enjoyable. This week I have focused on eating super clean, mainly plant based. I want to consume foods that will be easy to digest before labor and foods that will give me all the extra nutrients and energy I will need. I know when I eat clean, my mind is clear, so I will stick to that method. I also have continued to work out daily. This last trimester has consisted of strength training, prenatal yoga, pilates, lots of walking, and I am still cycling (which actually still feels great!). I swear that being active during the day as helped with my sleep at night. Other than that, we have amped up my acupuncture sessions, as the ancient Chinese believe acupuncture will help induce labor…bring it on!

Also, I wanted to share two of my must have maternity dresses. Yes, they are from ASOS again…but they fit comfortably, they have room to grow with the belly, and they look great on. You can click HEREHERE  & HERE for other maternity dresses I love!

Black & White Spotted Dress {$43} HERE // Black Dress HERE

Photos: Whitney Bird Photography

ASOS Maternity Skater in Blurred Leopard Print

ASOS Maternity PETITE Bardot Dress With Half Sleeve