Dress the Bump: ASOS Maternity

I had an epiphany the other day that I am definitely a summer baby. Well, technically my birthday is in November, however, I absolutely, positively love dressing for spring and summer. Once the trees start to bud, the grass gets green and that warm spring sun comes out, I can instantly feel the good vibes coming my way. I was thrilled when we found out our baby would be born in the spring, I figure this will be a great time of year to get outside with our little bundle and enjoy the perfect Montana summers. I think most of us here in Montana, live for our Montana summers. The days are hot and the nights are just perfect.

One of the first places I looked for some new maternity essentials is ASOS. I love all their maternity clothes, plus they are a very reasonable price. Therefore, I do not feel bad making a few purchases to get me through this pregnancy. This dress is perfect for spring, summer, and summer weddings.

Here are other spring favorites: