15 Newborn Must-Haves

Every woman that finds out she is pregnant has been there.  We become a little hormonal and often go crazy buying all of the new and expensive baby gadgets out there.  I was definitely guilty of that.  After being a mom for the past 4 months, I feel I have a good grasp on what our best purchases or gifts have been.  Here are 15 newborn must-haves to make everyday life with your baby easier…

1. Doc-A-Tot

Whoever invented this is a genius!  This is probably the most important thing in our house. We initially had Olivia sleeping in a bassinet next to our bed, but she was sleeping so poorly. Then, we put the doc-a-tot in the bassinet, and voila, she began sleeping like a champ! It’s portable and easy to move.  We put it in her crib during nap time, in the bassinet at night, and even travel with it. I will be doing a post on traveling with a baby, but this thing is EVERYTHING! Once she is comfortably placed in the doc-a-tot, she immediately knows it’s sleep time.

2. Kickee Pants

I wish I had known about this brand prior to having a baby. Olivia was the poster child of kickee pants the first 2 months of her life. The material is oh so soft, they stretch (so they last longer), and they have adorable prints. This brand is a must!

I had no idea how to guage which size of clothes my brand new baby would wear. She was 6lbs 8oz, and wore premie clothes for the first two weeks. Then wore newborn for the first month. I wish I had known this, as she had nothing cute to wear that first month.

3. Aiden and Anais Swaddles

Love these! They are light weight and super easy to take everywhere. The material is so soft and easy to wash. I also love their bump cloths, onesies, and bibs as well.

4. Bobby Newborn Elephant Lounger

I almost returned our Bobby…what was I thinking!? This lounger easily goes everywhere in our house. Olivia loves to sit upright and be part of the action.

5. Beauty Counter Baby Products

Using all natural ingredients products was a must for me. Luckily Beauty Counter has a great baby line that is gentle on their skin. I love the body wash, body oil, and diaper cream. We had our first diaper rash this past week and the cream helped it clear up within a few days.


6. Freshly Pick Moccasins

Not only are these moccasins adorable, but they actually stay on her feet. They make them in every color and fun print. She is going to have a shoe problem like her mama.

7. Swaddle Me

Stay tuned for a sleeping blog post, but these velcro swaddles have been a life saver. Swaddling the baby tight enough at night is difficult.  These swaddles are so easy to use in any situation, especially if you are getting up in the middle of the night to change your baby.

8. Honest Diapers

We love the honest diapers.  The adorable prints look so cute and they have proven to be very durable during all those large baby poops: ).  I love that they deliver right to your door, because once you have a baby, convenience is everything.  Also, we add the baby wipes to our delivery too.

9. Little Giraffe Blanket

These blankets have become a staple for bedtime and nap time. Olivia loves to snuggle with these while she falls sleep. We have a large one and a cute little one, both are great!

10. My Baby Sound Spa

Besides the doc-a-tot, the sound machine is the second most important thing in our baby setup.  I love this sound machine as it is small and easily portable.

I also use the app SLEEP PILLOW.  It is conveniently located on my phone, so I can use it at home, or anywhere else I might need it in a pinch.  The funny part is, Nick and I cannot sleep without it now!

11. Uppa Baby Carseat & VISTA Stroller

I did countless hours of research on which stroller and car seat to buy. It was important that the car seat fit into the stroller as we travel often. We love love love our Uppa Baby Carseat & Stroller.

The car seat has an infant insert, which was great as Olivia is very petite. And the stroller is very lightweight, easy to assemble, and easy to maneuver.

12. Pottery Barn Play Matt

Olivia loves her play mat, and she spends lots of time there.  It is easy to move around our house, and it keeps her very entertained. I also love the gray neutral colors, as they work great in almost any decor.

13. Mamaroo Swing

We waited until after Olivia was born to choose the baby swing. This high tech gadget has 4 different motion options, 4 sounds options, and it can be controlled by my phone. Mamaroo for the win!

14. Fisher Price Rock'n Play

A fellow mama friend purchased the Fisher Price Rock’n Play for Olivia. She swore by it for her daughter and she was right. It is very portable and it vibrates. Olivia has taken lots of naps in this Rock’n Play.

15. Motorola Baby Monitor

So many different baby monitor options out there. The Motorolamonitor has been great for us. The wireless monitor is convenient for around the house and the sound is good.


Hope this helps!


Lady H


DISCLAIMER: I feel I am doing the best I can as being a mom, and I do just about all I can for Olivia.  However, not everything I have done thus far is “by the book.”  Since every mother goes through a different journey, it is important to figure out what is best for you and your baby.  Consult with your pediatrician, read labels, and figure out what is best for you and your little one. Best wishes!