Life Hack NO. 1: At Home Cup of Joe


I want to share one of my everyday life hacks with you…”How to make the best cup of coffee at HOME!”

Since perfecting my coffee game, I would rather drink coffee in the comfort of my home than go out. Plus, the amount of money I save making coffee at home is huge!

There are just a few tricks to make a delicious and frothy at home cup of Joe.

Many people have asked if I drink coffee since being pregnant. I have about a cup a day. I make it really weak and add a lot of coconut milk. I always drink my hot water and lemon first. But, I just love, love, love a warm and foamy cup of coffee in the morning.

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Lady H Cup of Joe

Coffee (use whatever amount you want)

1/3 cup of coconut or almond milk, heated up

Vanilla Stevia, a few drops

Cinnamon, a few dashes

1 teaspoon coconut oil (optional


Warm milk on the stove or in the microwave. Pour milk into the mug, add coffee into mug (this will help with measuring the right amount). Then, pour the milk and coffee into a blender, add the stevia, cinnamon and coconut oil. Blend for a few seconds. Pour back into the mug…Voilà the perfect frothy cup of joe. This may seem like a lot of steps, but its super easy after a few times.

Coffee: I buy organic fair-trade coffee beans and grind them at home. I prefer to use a local company. Usually, I prefer a breakfast bean or french bean, something in the lighter range.

Coconut or Almond Milk: Califia is my favorite store bought brand. Buy unsweetened almond milk or toasted coconut milk.

Vanilla Stevia: Stevia can be an acquired taste. Of all the sweeteners out there, stevia is the best in my opinion. This sugar substitute is made from the stevia herb. It’s all natural, no calories, and is said to suppress sugar cravings.

Cinnamon: There are many benefits of cinnamon. It is high in nutrients (magnesium, fiber, iron, calcium), it helps regulate blood sugar, lowers cholesterol, and fights bacteria in the body.

Coconut oil (optional): I have been adding coconut oil since being pregnant, it’s a great way to add extra fat to your diet, and it makes the coffee really creamy.

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