How to dress for NYE while Pregnant

I must admit, I am not a big fan of New Year’s Eve. Most years, I choose to work at our family hotel/restaurant/bar and then get to bed the minute after midnight. I know total old lady syndrome. A few years ago, Nick and I started a tradition of not going out on NYE, and instead going on a trip New Year’s Day to really get the New Year started right!

This year is a whole different scenario. I am pregnant, and lounging in my pj’s and drinking hot cocoa sounds pretty dang good. However, my best gal pals are in town, and that certainly trumps any Netflix marathon. I still plan on working at our restaurant, and afterwards enjoying a great meal with besties.

I’ll be honest, I don’t feel my most beautiful right now. The pregnancy glow has yet to hit. I’m ready anytime now pregnancy glow…can you hear me?! Since this is an occasion that comes once a year, even though it’s not my favorite, I’ll take the opportunity to live it up (sipping Pellegrino of course).

Accessories are everything!

Here’s a great tip given to me by other “Mom” friends…add statement earnings to any outfit and feel immediately more glam. Buying clothes can be difficult while pregnant, but great statement pieces are everything! Bauble Bar has become my new best friend.


Accessorize that bump

Thank goodness for the Moms out there who showed us all how to rock that bump. I love seeing moms-to-be wearing tight dresses that accentuate the baby bump.  So flattering, and so sexy! Chrissy Teigen was the master of rockin’ the baby bump…check out a few pics HERE.

Glam up your makeup and hair

There is nothing better than a good blowout for a quick pick-me-up.  I literally don’t wash my hair for a week after a blowout. The other quick trick is a new and bold lip color. I recently bought this ONE…it’s the best all natural lipstick I have found yet!

Side note….check out Cintrine Natual Beauty Bar. They are the “it” place for all things naturally glamorous in Scottsdale. They now have an online store….THANK GOODNESS!!

When in doubt wear black

Yep, wearing black has always been a go-to for me. Pregnant or not pregnant, black is slimming and flattering.

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